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Geno has owned Cocktail since the very beginning, almost 14 years now! When he isn't busy running the bar, he loves to watch old movies. Some of his favorites are " All About Eve" "Dark Victory" and "Roman Holiday". His guiltiest pleasure would have to be shoes.. If you want to get him excited about something , ask him about his sneakers... And if you gave Geno a superpower, he would wish to be able to fly!

As a Sagittarius he knows if he could only eat and drink one thing for the rest of his life, it would be peanut butter and Jack Daniel's. Having spent 2 years living abroad in his early 20's Geno has found Paris to be the sexist city in the world.

He loves owning Cocktail - "wouldn't trade it for anything" he says repeatedly. " I only wish people would understand how much work it is, not nearly as glamorous as it looks, and come on people a debit card is not the same as cash!!!!"







Val, one of the original cocktail staff members is a scorpio with a very warped sense of humor!

He loves working at cocktail, his favorite part is watching Dorothy freeze outside the window in the winter months, and the strangest thing he has heard while working is a republican defending Bush.

He craves peanut butter and sardine sandwiches and when no one is listening he will sing out loud the "Sounds of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel.

Val spends his days riding bareback on porcupines and lying on questionnaires to amuse himself.




Relaxed and Ready for anything.



dusTy loves to play cribbage at the Point and says he enjoys breakfast sex (eating pancakes nakid) and smoking ciggs.

Some of his guilty pleasures are drinking OJ out of the carton and Doritos with Cheez Whiz! He is also the king of belching!

His favorite books are "Picture of Dorian Grey" & "The Guide to being a Gentleman" and enjoys Headline News, Weeds & Dexter.

duSty's idea of a good first date? Martinis & Conversation.

Every night before he goes to bed he gets nakid (once more!) and thanks God he's a 'Country Boy'!



Scott is a avid traveler. Who loves to see and experience new places. Having lived in southern California, the deep south, and Boston and growing up in an Australian family has the most interesting accent.

Scott sign is a cusp of Aquarius(the water carrier) and Pisces(the fish) so no great surprise that he is an avid swimmer. Single with the biggest turn on being redheads and blondes.

"Living life to the most, my aim is to be like those people on the tampon adds... you know... running around... riding horses, climbing mountains, running along the beach at dawn... they look like they have such a good time! I want that... except for actually using tampons! My greatest fear: getting to 40 and wishing I did more, experienced more, felt more, saw more! NO REGRETS I SAY!!!"



Originally from California, reX. moved to Chicago from San Francisco, inspired by the the city's urban energy and culture.

When reX. isn't in the tub full of rubber duckies entertaining the masses on the internet, he is in front of the computer working hard on his web designs and pushing technology.

reX. loves to read and will find him often with a good novel and his five cats hanging out on the back porch. reX.'s favorite books? "Water for Elephants" & "Valley of the Dolls".

If reX. had a superpower it would be time-traveling. "I'm such a history buff.. It would be cool to go back in time and meet famous people or change things to make the future a better place to take baths full of rubber duckies "




Peter has worked at Cocktail now for almost three years. He is a Capricorn and happily in a relationship. He is a DJ and producer but currently pays his bills by bartending and bar-backing at Cocktail. Peter enjoys cooking and and his one guilty pleasure is Latin House Music.

When he thinks no one is listening, he will sing out loud "dancing with myself" by Billy Idol. The strangest thing he says he has seen while being at cocktail, "well... that's easy, hands down, Black Foozie" "It totally freaked me out, It was halloween and all but having worked with the real Miss Foozie - I was shocked!"

If peter had superpowers he would spontaneously generate a dance party where ever he went!




Johnathin enjoys all forms of performance , shows, movies and dinning. His Guilty Pleasure? Twilight!

Some of his favorite books are by Stephen King, Ann Rice, Stephani Meyer & JK Rowling. His favorite TV Show is Heroes!

Johnathin lives with Ivan (My Boy), a Hungarian Greyhound who is 14 years old.

He admires Susan Traina, his mom, geNo and anyone who makes their own destiny.

One of his favorite things about working at Cocktail is the sense of family, responsibility & trust.

If Johnathin could have superpowers he says it would be teleportation - no doubt!




Dan's guilty pleasure is the Wendy Williams Show. His favorite movies are Waiting, The Muppets Take Manhattan & Closer & TV Shows, Modern Family & Chelsea Latley.

He has a 4lb Maltese named Tivo and Dan's favorite song to sing when he thinks no one is listening is "(Sitting on the) Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding.

Dan's idea of a first good date would include cooking an impressive meal.

Turn ons: Confidence
Turn offs: Rude People & Cockiness

If he could eat and drink one thing for the rest of his life it would be Peanut butter & Skim Milk!



When not watching Hockey or Baseball, you will find Mikey in the kitchen cooking.. but you will not find him cleaning! His guilty pleasure is to sleep-in!

Mikey enjoys books by Gary Paulsen, Davis Sedaris, & Chuck Pauhlenak and his favorite TV show is Scrubs.

He does not currently have any pets.. but is looking for a Siamese Cat and a Manly Schnauzer.

Mikey craves both Salty & Sweet (aka: Chocolate Covered Pretzels!)

If he could eat and drink one thing for the rest of his life it would be Pizza & Beer!



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